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There are some questions which seem to come up quite often when talking about Discovery Groups.

How do you prevent wrong interpretation / heresy?

Mostly by letting the Word of God speak for itself and trusting the Holy Spirit. Groups that are used to asking "What does this say about about God?", and "Where do you see that in the passage?" are remarkably resistant to heresy. Occasionally a strong individual may get the wrong idea and mislead others, but that can happen in any system.

Isn't it unwise to let non-believers lead?

No more so than letting believers lead. Experience shows that groups led by knowledgeable Christians are more likely to become dependant and less likely to reach others.

Do you really expect people to obey before they believe?

Yes. Building a pattern of obedience from day one is much more likely to result in obedient disciples.

Do you really expect people to tell others before they believe?

Yes. See above. Ask yourself this question. When did Jesus disciples become believers? When did Jesus send them out to the towns and villages?

Doesn't teaching people to obey make them think they can earn salvation?

Not really. The question "What does this teach of about God?" and the choice of the studies direct people towards salvation as the gift of God. Besides, Jesus told us to teach people to obey.

Date published: 14th February 2014

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